Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nothing but trouble

For some reason our mother seems irritated with both of us. Doesn't she realize it's just who we are and how we get attention????
First of all she trained me to ring the bell when i need to go potty right??? Well it's like she has figured out that sometimes i ring, and ring and ring the bell even though i don't need to go potty i just want to go lick the bbq!!!! Is that so bad????Now why isn't anyone coming to open the door???????

As for me i am a beagle and my nose "yet again" led me straight under the deck where i ALWAYS get stuck and eventually have to start barking non-stop for someone to come get me out!! Mom says i got myself under there i can get myself out!!!
So Mommy payed me back by torturing me and making me look like a fool!!!!!Ughhh!!!!!


  1. Ha! You guys are funny! Hey, serves the humans right for training you to ring the bell Bodhi!
    Slobbers xx

  2. BOL!!! I've missed you guys! YOu make me laugh sooo much! Sorry your MOm made you feel silly Sampson. ;) I'm with you Bodhi, licking the BBQ is a perfectly good reason to ring the bell! Right on bro!


  3. Oh no! What did she do to your ears?! BOL

  4. I hear ya bro....jealousy issues for sure! Just know that you will always be my #1 sibling regardless if Mom and Dad ever decide to get me a sister. :) So, when do you get to come over for a play date? I need to come over your way sometime for a hike....that would be fun!

    Love ya,

  5. Hi there! Found my way here through Nala's. Great to see so many Rhodesian Ridgebacks out there! Here in Niger, I'm the only one...
    I can definitively relate to the human overaction part. Yesterday, I had the time of my life, chasing a goat. I didn't intend to kill it, but "accidentally" knocked it over. Wow, what a stunt! Mom didn't find it so funny though. Especially not after she told me that's enough, but I just had to chase that second goat too. And the third. And the forth. Wow, I had such a BLAST!
    Do you like to hunt, Bodhi? Seeing your a Mountain Man?
    Here's a lick for you too Sampson!