Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

I am not coming out until the rain goes away!!!!
Just being lazy in my favorite yoga position

Monday, January 26, 2009


It seems as if we have been tagged so the 20 things will begin with Bodhi.
Here we go!!!!
1. I absolutely love to eat paper towels, kleenex,and tp right off the roll, i think i need more fiber in my diet!
2.I am an AKC registered rhodesian ridgeback aka: "Bodhi the Mountain Man"
3.I LOVE bones
4.I LOVE peanut butter
5.I am extremely talented at counter surfing! :) shhhh.......
6.My breed is know to be a courageous guard dog, i failed in that category!
7.I LOVE to sunbathe!!!!
8.I hate to get in the bathtub, but love the scratching and attention once my humans finally get me in the tub!
9.I like to run around in circles like a crazy dog
10.I tend to take advantage of my beagle brothers smaller size and steal his balls!
11.I thrive on a schedule!!!!
12.I run to bed when i am told "go to bed"
13.I wake up the same time every day
14.I insist on going outside upon waking
15.I insist "patiently beg" for breakfast
16.Once i am fed i go back to snuggling in blankets!
17.I despise balloons
18.I enjoy watching tv
19.I love giving hugs
20.I love running freely in the park with my sister Nala
Sampson's turn!
1.I love peanut butter
2.I love my mommy most
3.I love to play fetch over and over and over and over
4.I love food in general
5.I am a great, talented beggar!
6.I love the sound of my own bark
7.I look forward to my walks to inhale all of the scents around me
8.I tend to chase the cat
9.I am always having to show Bodhi i am the boss!!
10.Did i mention carrots??? Yummy!!!!!
11.I tend to have panic attacks in the car
12.I can't go off leash because i always wander away
13.I have bad breath
14.Greenies are also a favorite treat
15.I always bark at the sound of door bell, even though we don't even have one!
16.I get to sneak into the bed with mom after dad goes to work!
17.I snore!!!!
18.I love to eat plastic wrappers
19.Last but not least i love long naps!!!

Mommy's turn aka:Heidi
1.I love chocolate!
2.Nothing like a nice drive in my VW
3.I must say i like dogs
4.Mac and cheese!
5.I am from the Yakima valley, then moved to Ellensburg to live out my teen years, then i ended up in North Bend where i tend to stay!
6.I am very close to my grandparents
7.I am really bad at math
8.I love books! I read an entire 4 book series in 4 days last week, dogs weren't to happy with me
9.I despise folding laundry
10.I have naturally curly hair
11.umm..........I enjoy playing with all of my animals anyway i can i wish i had more time to train them etc.. favorite color is green
13.I wanted to be a veterinarian when i was a child
14.I love a good girly movie that will bring a tear to my eye
15.I would to hike ALOT more
16.We went to Hawaii to get married last year, i would love to visit the other islands
17.Can't live without my starbucks every morning
18.I am a quite person who wishes she could be more outgoing and have more friends
19.At the moment i am tired of snow
20.I have habit of being on the computer too much! :)

Then end!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The bright thing in the sky came back!!!


Yes, it is true the sun came out and it was GLORIOUS!!!!!! It felt so good on my fur,it lifted my spirits,my hips didn't hurt,i went on an adventure,what more could a beagle ask for?

I was onto something, i truly was!!! Where is it?????

And there it went! A squirrel!!!!! And mom though i was just smelling duck poo! I showed her!!!!!!

Can you believe my mother actually thought i would get my feet wet??????? The sun may have been out but the water is soooooo cold!!!!!!

After i returned home i passed out on the back deck and proceeded with my sun worshiping ritual.

Then i started to dream.....................The sun has brought so many fun-filled days, i was especially reminiscing over my play date with my sister Nala and our first hug!!! A note for her: The sun will return Nala and we will play together again soon!!!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our scaly siblings were let out of the cages today!

Okay, so we are both really loving canines and adore just about everything even cats. But our mother sometimes lets the iguanas out, Jade and Floydine,our brother and sister she says, we personally see no resemblance whatsoever!!! And quite frankly they make our skin crawl!!!!!!!!!! So we thought we would introduce everyone to them since they got the cameras attention for a day instead of us! :( We apologize if you have nightmares! Bol!!

Jade Floydine

Monday, January 12, 2009

The day our Mother went crazy

So if you recall we were promised a lazy weekend and such, right? Well Sunday our Mother hopped out bed, starting throwing the furniture out of the bedroom and putting plastic everywhere! She was running here and there, then she starting scraping the cottage cheese off the ceiling(p.s. by the tastes of it, it wasn't cheese!) Boy was that a HUGE mess! Then after that disaster she put some other sand looking stuff back up on the ceiling,very strange, don't know what texture means but whatever! Then after that, she starting painting the walls a green color (much better than the previous puke orange we must say). She moved all of the furniture around,including our beds and just being erratic!! So that blew our relaxing Sunday out of the water. But as you can see, to pay her back Bodhi snuck in the bedroom and tested the walls to see if they were still wet. OH MY you should of heard the shouting after Mom walked back in and saw her paint job was ruined!! Then she starting laughing hysterically, sent him to his chair and started taking pictures!! She says the new room should have a calming effect on all of us, we sure hope so because she was making us dizzy!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

No more high waters!

The water has finally receded. Our paws didn't even get wet! Mom's work wasn't as lucky, water,water and more water ruined everything! We are upset that she still has to go to work in the condition that it in, when she could be hanging out with us at home!! Our Grandma is drying out too! Slowly but surely things seem to be turning around for the better, we hope! It isn't a torrential down pour today or tomorrow by what the weatherman said so Mom promised lots of walks and outdoor time,followed by some quality lazy weekend time as well! Woo!Hoo!!! So, Me the Beagle i am will beg to play fetch ALL DAY! And i the RIDGEBACK will guard my dinosaur ALL DAY!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year and now we are flooding!

Well winter has just begun and now that all 4 feet of the snow has melted we are surrounded by to raging rivers (use to be little trickling streams) and a lake in the back yard(used to be a little tiny pond that we never got to see). It won't stop raining, it is pure torture when mom drags us outside to use the restroom!! It's nice that it isn't so cold but man we smell like wet dogs all the time!!!! WE just want some sun!!!!! We are both sleeping like there is no tomorrow, hoping when we open our eyes there will be a break in the weather, needless to say we are still waiting!! We overheard mommy talking to neighbors about sand bags!!! We thought it was supposed to be Happy New Year, not Happy New Year "hope you don't drown!"
Grandma called us i guess her bedroom is under water and she lives over the mountains, guess we are not the only ones living with this stuff!! We hope everyone survives this storm!!!

As you can see the lake in the distance is not that far away anymore!