Sunday, March 22, 2009

New collar for Bodhi

Hello fellow bloggers! I just wanted to show off my new collar! I liked my "masculine" spike collar but i guess it was causing to much damage to my owners and fellow canine friends when i get to rowdy. So this new safer one will have to do i suppose! I did get a new toy however so all is good in my world at the moment!!


  1. Wooooo What a handsome new collar! You look much more approachable B... :)

    I LOVE those kinda toys! Have fun!


  2. Oh Bodhi, I'm glad you got a toy to replace that beautiful collar! And I'm glad your human is blogging again! I have a lot of questions. Are you Nala's brother? For real? That would be soooo cool! I have lots of brothers and sisters but they're verrrry far away from me. And they all envy me because I get to run behind my human when she rides horses in the bush! I also get to sleep on a bed next to hers under the stars and listen to the Azawakhs howling at night. And yeah, I also get to guard the street, go skywatching (posing for my human's blog - I'm the best!!!) and of course I am everyone's favourite at the office too. Hey, I see that Sampson has got the better of you - if he ever cause you any trouble, let me know and I'll send woofs to put him in place for you! After all, you can't be too much of a softie when you're an RR!!!

    A sweet lick,
    Sheba aka Ridgebow's Radiant Reya of Navy

  3. Bodhi,

    Oh, how I have missed you! I LOVE your look so handsome in it! So, when are we getting together....I need some family time! :) Talk to you soon!

    Kisses from your sis,

  4. You're looking as handsome as ever, Bodhi! Is that a tennis ball with a squirrel tail? Boy, Waldo would go CRAZY for that!

    Gus and Waldo

  5. Hey Heidi, what's your email??? I need to send you something and I can't find it. ;) Can you email