Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Nala!!!!

(a cupcake for you)

We just wanted to give you birthday wishes for everyone to see!!! Sorry we are a little late and sorry we didn't make it to your birthday bash! :( The pawrents had made previous "boring" plans. We truly hope you had a wonderful day and by the looks of it you had a fantastic week!!! Hope to hug you soon!!!! Miss you!!

(One of my favorite pictures of Nala
this is how she prepares to take flight,
I am so jealous!!! She is not only
beautiful but talented as well!!) -Bodhi


  1. Ahhhh, you are the best brother a girl could ever have! Thank you sooo much and I truly missed you today! In fact, a truck pulled up and for a second Mom got my hopes up....she was confused because she didn't recognize the truck and said "oh, that must be Bodhi, Nala's brother" but it was another furiend who came in a different vehicle. I was still excited for my furiend but disappointed not to see you get out of the vehicle. :( I had lots of fun and will be posting the pictures soon! Can't wait to see you soon! Hope you are having a super weekend!


  2. Doesn't dat meet dat it iz yur birfday, too?

    Gus and Waldo

  3. Aw Nala and Bodhi, you guys are just so cute!! I'm so glad I'm in touch with all my eleven siblings; I have such a truuuuumendous large family, as there are lots and lots and lots of half-siblings on both sides of my parents as well! And then I have a zillion aunts and uncles too, but Sweden is a small country, so my mom is keeping fairly good track of them. I wish they could all come out for my birthday (my monthly birthday is up on Friday!) but too bad, we have to settle for the online version. But that's better than nothing, for sure!

    How often do you guys meet?

    Warm greetings,