Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

So, the family stayed at home this holiday season due to weather and scheduling conflicts.But we made the best of it!!! Bodhi got a package from his sister Nala, we had alot of fun with that, just a few fights but we got over it.
For Christmas Eve Mommy and Daddy took us for a night walk,with no flashlights,we were a little nervous, but the christmas lights on all of the houses help guide the way! Then we came home and assisted Mom in the kitchen (at least thats what we thought we were doing) she made finger food and one of their favorite desserts, which we can't sample due to chocolate!!!:( The best part was snuggling up on the couch and watching christmas movies until we all fell asleep!
Christmas morning was the best (for us dogs anyway).After watching Mom and Dad shovel snow and digging their cars out we put our new coats on and went for winter wonderland journey!! Not to mention the scent of turkey in the air all day!!! We got our stockings which contained greenies yum,yum! After doin some chores we all piled into dad's big truck and took a drive to see all of the snow that fell! To top the day off we were given many pieces of turkey at dinner which put us all into a deep coma. The end!


  1. Bodhi...I'm soooo glad you liked your present! I hope you share your treats and toy with Sampson too! ;) Mom and Dad stuff food in my dinosaur's belly and then put the eggs back in so I have to get them out to get to my treats. You have one more thing coming too...maybe you got it already??

    Anyway, I am soooo excited that you have a blog! We drove through your town today and even stopped for a coffee break but Mom didn't have your Mom's number in her cell phone or she would have called and maybe we could have played. Oh well, maybe next time we can get together. We are driving over on Sunday...hmmm, maybe we can see each other then and run in some snow together???

    Hope you had a very merry Christmas!



  2. Hey Bodhi!

    We are Gus and Waldo, and we're friends of Nala. We always hear about you through her blog, so we were excited to learn that you have a blog of your own! Will you be our friend?

    Gus and Waldo

  3. Yippee Hounds! We've found your bloggy from Nala too and we're your first followers! Great colour scheme BTW, this colour does suit a Beagle....and a Ridgeback, BOL!
    Slobbers all the way from Scotland xx (frosty ones!)

  4. Hi Bodhi and Sampson! It's Kylie! (I'm a rescue dog!) I'm one of Nala's friends and any friend of Nala's is a friend of mine! Glad you had a great Christmas and Santa Paws was good to you both! Be sure to stop by my blog some time! I'll be back to visit you again soon!