Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wind storm heading our way!

There is a blizzard warning issued for our area,it is supposed to have sustained wind gusts up to 90miles and hour!!! Our area,the lovely foothills, will get only 2 inches of snow but the worst of the wind.
Let me say that 2 years ago before Bodhi came into the household we had a similar storm,we were without power for 7 days!!!!! No generator,just a fireplace and let me add to picture our iguanas!!! I truly(this is Sam speaking here by the way) DO NOT want to endure that EVER AGAIN!!! I had no coat,sweater,boots,nothing,i wedged myself so tight under the covers next to my humans they literally had to drag me outdoors to use the men's room. All of neighbors are packing up and heading somewhere safe. But are we????? Oh, no the humans are hoping for the best,they borrowed a generator this time,but i would much rather be somewhere else!!!!

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