Monday, January 26, 2009


It seems as if we have been tagged so the 20 things will begin with Bodhi.
Here we go!!!!
1. I absolutely love to eat paper towels, kleenex,and tp right off the roll, i think i need more fiber in my diet!
2.I am an AKC registered rhodesian ridgeback aka: "Bodhi the Mountain Man"
3.I LOVE bones
4.I LOVE peanut butter
5.I am extremely talented at counter surfing! :) shhhh.......
6.My breed is know to be a courageous guard dog, i failed in that category!
7.I LOVE to sunbathe!!!!
8.I hate to get in the bathtub, but love the scratching and attention once my humans finally get me in the tub!
9.I like to run around in circles like a crazy dog
10.I tend to take advantage of my beagle brothers smaller size and steal his balls!
11.I thrive on a schedule!!!!
12.I run to bed when i am told "go to bed"
13.I wake up the same time every day
14.I insist on going outside upon waking
15.I insist "patiently beg" for breakfast
16.Once i am fed i go back to snuggling in blankets!
17.I despise balloons
18.I enjoy watching tv
19.I love giving hugs
20.I love running freely in the park with my sister Nala
Sampson's turn!
1.I love peanut butter
2.I love my mommy most
3.I love to play fetch over and over and over and over
4.I love food in general
5.I am a great, talented beggar!
6.I love the sound of my own bark
7.I look forward to my walks to inhale all of the scents around me
8.I tend to chase the cat
9.I am always having to show Bodhi i am the boss!!
10.Did i mention carrots??? Yummy!!!!!
11.I tend to have panic attacks in the car
12.I can't go off leash because i always wander away
13.I have bad breath
14.Greenies are also a favorite treat
15.I always bark at the sound of door bell, even though we don't even have one!
16.I get to sneak into the bed with mom after dad goes to work!
17.I snore!!!!
18.I love to eat plastic wrappers
19.Last but not least i love long naps!!!

Mommy's turn aka:Heidi
1.I love chocolate!
2.Nothing like a nice drive in my VW
3.I must say i like dogs
4.Mac and cheese!
5.I am from the Yakima valley, then moved to Ellensburg to live out my teen years, then i ended up in North Bend where i tend to stay!
6.I am very close to my grandparents
7.I am really bad at math
8.I love books! I read an entire 4 book series in 4 days last week, dogs weren't to happy with me
9.I despise folding laundry
10.I have naturally curly hair
11.umm..........I enjoy playing with all of my animals anyway i can i wish i had more time to train them etc.. favorite color is green
13.I wanted to be a veterinarian when i was a child
14.I love a good girly movie that will bring a tear to my eye
15.I would to hike ALOT more
16.We went to Hawaii to get married last year, i would love to visit the other islands
17.Can't live without my starbucks every morning
18.I am a quite person who wishes she could be more outgoing and have more friends
19.At the moment i am tired of snow
20.I have habit of being on the computer too much! :)

Then end!!!


  1. Weeee, that was a great tag, we got to learn about not just one, but three of you! Very interesting reading about others....and seeing what they look like!!
    Happy Tuesday :o)
    Slobbers xx

  2. What a fun game! I get to learn so much about all of you! I'm a big fan of food too Sampson! And B, Running in circles in the bestest! BOL
    Mom says she's become more quiet and doesn't have too many human friends around, that's why she steals all my new doggie friends Mom's to be her friends! BOL


  3. I love peanut butter too!
    And, like Sampson, I can't ever be let off-leash except at the dog park. I've run off before chasing bunnies.

  4. YIPPEE!!! You played...sooo cool! Bodhi, we are definitely siblings...we are just sooo much alike! Except for the paper eating thing....I prefer to chew up the roll once the paper is off. :) I think I have failed in the guard dog category too but I have been showing Mom how protective I am lately by barking ferociously at strange noises....she thinks it's all for show. HHMMMPH!

    Samspon, I wish I could eat carrots but I am alleric. :( Keep showing Bodhi who's the boss. ;)

    Heidi, you have a VW?? My Mom thinks that is very pawesome! We are also tired of the snow and cold and are longing for warm, sunny days. :)

    Thanks for playing!