Saturday, January 10, 2009

No more high waters!

The water has finally receded. Our paws didn't even get wet! Mom's work wasn't as lucky, water,water and more water ruined everything! We are upset that she still has to go to work in the condition that it in, when she could be hanging out with us at home!! Our Grandma is drying out too! Slowly but surely things seem to be turning around for the better, we hope! It isn't a torrential down pour today or tomorrow by what the weatherman said so Mom promised lots of walks and outdoor time,followed by some quality lazy weekend time as well! Woo!Hoo!!! So, Me the Beagle i am will beg to play fetch ALL DAY! And i the RIDGEBACK will guard my dinosaur ALL DAY!!!


  1. Glad to hear the floodwaters are receding, what a nightmare for you! A Beagle that plays fetch?? My lot will chase whatever i've thrown then look at me as if to say "get it yourself if you want it, we've got important sniffing to do!"
    Enjoy your walkies tomorrow :o)
    Slobbers xx

  2. Glad it's not raining for at least a little while. :) Hope your grandma is doing ok. :) Cute pictures!! Bodhi, make sure you guard your dinosaur well! :)


  3. That dinosaur is all you - and I won't try to take it!

  4. Glad that things are slowly drying out--hopefully you won't have too much of a mess to clean up!

    Gus and Waldo

    p.s. We won't take your dino if you don't take our chicken!