Monday, January 12, 2009

The day our Mother went crazy

So if you recall we were promised a lazy weekend and such, right? Well Sunday our Mother hopped out bed, starting throwing the furniture out of the bedroom and putting plastic everywhere! She was running here and there, then she starting scraping the cottage cheese off the ceiling(p.s. by the tastes of it, it wasn't cheese!) Boy was that a HUGE mess! Then after that disaster she put some other sand looking stuff back up on the ceiling,very strange, don't know what texture means but whatever! Then after that, she starting painting the walls a green color (much better than the previous puke orange we must say). She moved all of the furniture around,including our beds and just being erratic!! So that blew our relaxing Sunday out of the water. But as you can see, to pay her back Bodhi snuck in the bedroom and tested the walls to see if they were still wet. OH MY you should of heard the shouting after Mom walked back in and saw her paint job was ruined!! Then she starting laughing hysterically, sent him to his chair and started taking pictures!! She says the new room should have a calming effect on all of us, we sure hope so because she was making us dizzy!!!!!


  1. Bodhi, that color looks lovely on you! BOL! Sampson, next time you will have to try and keep your big brother in line. ;) The room looks great and very calming indeed.

    Oh and yes, of course I ate some of the elk chocolate chips. :) You should try them sometime....mighty fine they are! Come over my way sometime and I will take you on a taste tour hike but whatever you do don't tell the humans of our plan. Mom HATES it when I eat these and becomes very grumpy. ;)

    Hope to see ya soon!


  2. Heehee, that's funny! Cottage chees is our favourite- yum! Hope the calming effect plan works well Mom, the room looks lovely but you don't suit green fur Bodhi, stick to your lovely fawn!
    Slobbers xx

  3. Oh Silly Bodhi! Don't you know cottage cheese is usually what they give you when you don't feel good! I love the stuff but my buddy Fluffy has sworn it off because now he thinks the COTTAGE CHEESE is making him sicky! So silly... Your Mom sure must have made you dizzy to get all that done in one Sunday! Go Her! It looks great, and just tell her, you were just putting the faux finish on!! BOL