Sunday, January 18, 2009

The bright thing in the sky came back!!!


Yes, it is true the sun came out and it was GLORIOUS!!!!!! It felt so good on my fur,it lifted my spirits,my hips didn't hurt,i went on an adventure,what more could a beagle ask for?

I was onto something, i truly was!!! Where is it?????

And there it went! A squirrel!!!!! And mom though i was just smelling duck poo! I showed her!!!!!!

Can you believe my mother actually thought i would get my feet wet??????? The sun may have been out but the water is soooooo cold!!!!!!

After i returned home i passed out on the back deck and proceeded with my sun worshiping ritual.

Then i started to dream.....................The sun has brought so many fun-filled days, i was especially reminiscing over my play date with my sister Nala and our first hug!!! A note for her: The sun will return Nala and we will play together again soon!!!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!


  1. Woooo Sampson! We had sun too but we have snow forecast for tomorrow :o! Aww, and Nala look so cute!
    Slobbers xx

  2. Bodhi and Sampson, you two make me laugh so hard! Glad you had a fun weekend! Bodhi, I am looking forward to the sun's return as well and have been dreaming of playing with you too. Hope you enjoyed your sun worshiping! Oh yeah, you have a lint brush too? My Dad takes that thing to me sometimes. WEIRD!


  3. I love the sun too.. but I'm really enjoying the snow right now!

  4. Bodhi and Sampson, tell your Mom I tagged her for a game and to go to my blog for the details but she doesn't have to play if she doesn't want. :) But it's kind of fun.

    Amber & Nala